English internet marketing

For the e-step project of Leonardo da Vinci, we delivered this  e-book on internet marketing for arts and crafts,
(9 MB) 88 pages PDF on 15-1-2013, also available in Turkish and Dutch.

internet-marketing for arts and crafts

Content of the english version:

First and 2nd part: orientation on internet

Third part: Jobmarketing and personal branding 2 find work or a job with social media.

Fourth part: set up a business plan (part under construction, connects to the online course of Qredits learning to make a businessplan in DUTCH)

Fifth part: How to choose a website or a webshop, with info of stock management and paying modules

Sixth part: How to bind your clients: search engine optimation (SEO), affiliate marketing and managing your internet actions.

You can find a lot of videos, while using the links in the e-book.
 An extra videos belonging to the e-books is:

Video for internetmarketing: using social media: e step schouten 6 minutes
Wilbert Schouten from Schouten Handwerken Hoorn, tells to a Turkish delegation of the e-step project (a step from home to workplace) about his social media strategy, the efforts and results. He blogs asMeldingspictogram'Willswools', uses facebook. Since 2019 theare busy selling their family business. They are looking for a new owner www.schoutenhandwerken.nl
Video is on Youtube: http://youtu.be/i1xDahQ8ehw

More videos and interviews

The e-learning program of the Girl's technical school in Kayseri in the Leonardo Da Vinci project is no longer (2019) availabel on internet.




Our research in the home textile sector in the Netherlands 1/10/12 PDF see page things 2 share video.

The project has been published at Efvet database