ENGLISH things 2 share

Doorpakkers in English have Perseverance and so have you!.. we loved to work in European projects. We contributed to the following European Projects:

Here we collect the project materials 2 share with other trainers/advisors in our network, we developed in the last 5 projects:

1. 100 Mirrors extended, a strategic partnership of Erasmus +  in stimulating women to entrepreneurship. 2014-2016. The website of 100Mirrors Extended is translated in Dutch, follow this link

2. 2011- 2013 E-step (a step from home to workplace); a project on e-learning, internet marketing, studies, videos and interviews with entrepreneurs in ARTS and CRAFTS. A Transfer of Innovation Leonardo da Vinci project from 2010-2013. Kayseri Turkey, Gower College Wales, University Lodz and we. )

internet marketing

This internetmarketing ebook is still availabel on internet, so are some basic thoughts on e-leaning. The whole e-structure and programs of the e-step project are in Kayseri.


3. 2009-2011 Project Wiser a collection of methods to coach femal entrepreneurs a Leonardo da Vinci project . (2019 Not availabel on the internet anymore. Latvia, Portugal, Poland, Denmark and we. )
4. 2010 Rural concepts..... come across the bridge dutch and english via LTO, the agricultural sector organisation

5. 2010 Enterprsing Europe a database with methods, kwowledge and exercises for students to become an entrepreneur. In assignment of Cinop.nl.