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rolmodellen in een oogopslag




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EXTRA PDF: Portrait texts interviews
in NL/ENG (in  pdf)     

ALL 20 Dutch Mirrors                    

HERE THE LINKS TO VIDEOS with english subtitles and  TEXTES translated in 8 languages                      

Samira Bouchibti

TEXT: Portrait Samira Bouchibti

Samira gives tips on her work as politician and gives tips to ‘solopreneurs’ the self-employed.


 1. Samira Bouchibti politica gives tips on her work as politician and gives tips to the self-employed ... solopreneurs. (Dutch spoken, subtitling to english busy)

Sabina Scholtens

TEXT  Portrait Sabina Scholtens Vanhier accountants + mede-eigenaar Timmerfabriek Visser


  • how to follow your ambitions
  • what do you need
  • a woman in a men's world

Video: Sabina Scholtens, accountant at Vanhier +co-owner of carpentry factory Visser, tells about ambitions. She wants to become one of the first female partners in the accountancy firm. (CC subtitling is busy)

 Jitske Kramer en Harry

TEXT Portrait of Jitske Kramer academy of corporate culture in Nederlands and English


  • How to buildup an expert status and
  • How to remain an expert.


Video: Jitske Kramer on building and staying an expert CC Dutch spoken, English subtitled

In this video, Youtube films have been integrated of Jitske's presentations recorded by: Talk&do TV of the global summit 14/4/11 and Tedx Rijkswaterstaat

Kajsa Ollongren

Extra PDF: Text portrait Kajsa Ollongren Deputy Mayor of Amsterdam

about: The differences explained in being a public officer or political and governmental roles. Women please do persevere in moving up, as well in politics as in the administrative top!

Video I love my work to realise a lot and I grab chances.
female managers Den Helder

TEXT portrait female managers in den Helder Conny vd Hoff and Jantina Haan

Conny director of Den Helder Airport. Jantina programmanager 'Wind at Sea'at Maritime Campus Netherlands: telling about women in a men's world, where a lot of employement is being developped for men and women in technics and research for the innovative energy offshore industry. 

Video Female managers in Den Helder Dutch spoken, we are busy CC subtitling to english we used parts of YOURTUBE promotion films of Den helder and topsector energy policy.


TEXT Portrait Silvia van den Heuvel Hollandse Geitenkroket


  • How a small handycraft business can realise bigger impact by working together with a bigger partner
 Video Silvia Hollandse geitenkroket Innovative product of goat in the NL on pure and honest markets.(CC subtitling is busy)
yfer Orhan advk

TEXT Portrait Ayfer Orhan 

Example of a young woman managing her dreams to come true, by combining commercial and voluntary work in immigration laws

Ayfer Orhan VIDEO Dutch spoken, we are busy CC subtitling to english
Gwendoline teske- Webshop-academy

TEXT Portrait of Gwendoline Webshop-academy in Nederlands and English         


  • Growth of a webshop and
  • Satisfaction of direct results                                
Video: Voor groei van je webshop. Let grow your web shop cc Dutch spoken, English and German subtitled
 Marijke Krabbenbos de IdeaCompany

TEXT Portrait Marijke Krabbenbos de Idea Company in Nederlands and English 


  • Bedrijfsideëen Business Ideas and
  • Lessons of failed projects. Niet alle projecten kunnen goed gaan

 Video: Hoe kom je aan een bedrijfsidee? How to come up with a business idea? cc Dutch spoken, English subtitled

Marjolein Schel freelance web editor

TEXT Portrait Marjolein Schel web editor


  • A lot of girls like to become famous while blogging. Marjolein took this path and tells about her experiences and provide tips.


Video: Marjolein Schel: web editor just do it! CC subtitling is busy
Nasim and Rosa  Text portrait ROSE projects Nasim Miradi and Rosa Vitalie talk about the coockery book Milk and (palm) dates and other multi-cultural stories  Video ROSE projects

TEXT Portrait Louise Doorman legal adviser Media Law


  • developping yourself from super specialist to other, wider and higher terrains.
  • the networking help of women.
Video: Legal Practice from super specilism to a wider approach Dutch spoken, we are busy CC subtitling to english

TEXT portrait Elise Duivenvoorden Kwekerij de Windroos NL-Eng


  • a middlife twist and
  • Ecologic Farming and Growing Plants
Video Kwekerij de Windroos, ecologic nursery of plants. cc Dutch spoken English subtitles.
 Jossie Rotteveel

TEXT Portrait Dental hygiene Alphen a/d Rijn Jossie Rotteveel  NL-ENG


  • Active marketing and specialising in health
Video Dental Hygiene solopractice of Jossie Rotteveel CC Dutch spoken, English subtitled.
Frederike Manders epilepsy app

TEXT Portrait of Frederike Manders developped an epilepsy app


  • Using virtual reality techniques also for social issues
  • with worldwide impact
Video: Frederike Manders developped with Inter_u_psy an app to experience epilepsy CC subtitling is busy
 Astrid Brouwer ABNAmro

TEXT Portrait of Astrid Brouwer Director Finance Risk and Portfolio Management ABNAMRO NL-ENG


  • Career tips for vertical and horizontal development of your carreer in (big) companies.
Video Carreer tips by Astrid Brouwer cc Dutch spoken, English subtitled.
 Carmen Breeveld

 Text portrait Carmen Breeveld Women Entrepreneurs Netherland


  • You don’t have to be big, to let grow your business through international contacts’


 Video Carmen Breeveld
 Iens Boswijk  Text portrait Iens . She gives 6 tips based on the building up the biggest restaurant site in NL IENS and the selling process.  Video Iens on building up and selling her business restaurant site IENS.nl
 Vreneli Stadelmaier  Portrait PDF text: Improve the self-confidence of women, against  the imposter syndrome: f*ck that insecurity   Video F*ck die onzekerheid met presentatie bij Entre Femmes Gooi
 Natascha Louwen Text portrait:  Natascha Louwen PRBB and former photo model, is guiding young designers with marketing a.o. free publicity  Video on free publicity
 Zomerevent-Powershoot-Eetbare-Bloemen The texts of the life stories of thees 3 entrepreneurs working together for Powershoot Events, will be written in depth on a blog in 2016. Now you can see the video impression of the atmosphere of their approach and the added value of combining their different talents and assest: Gerda Venema, Ans Koster en Zorgboerderij Blij op de Boerderij. Video Impression of a the atmosfer of a Summer Event with Powershootcoach, edable flower chocolates on Care Farm  (hardly text) cc English subtitled

 TEXT: Portrait Samira Bouchibti


 Video tips for positive energy The second video deals with more personal items, as combining work and family life. She gives 9 tips to hold on to positive energy, deduces from her experiences with perfectionism, feelings of guilt and the impact of social roles

DUTCH spoken Subtitled in Dutch, English, Spanish, German, Czech, Slovenian, Italian, Greec.

  naar de 100Mirrors site

 4 december 2e   

Tuesday 29 september during Nationale Zakenvrouwen Congres Get your tickets

 Do and dare to Pitch

Trainer bij Doorpakkers; Workshop Pitch Perfect. doe en durf je pitch!

Dorrit Wajer is al jaren een zelfstandig ondernemersadviseur en trainer bij het netMerk Doorpakkers. Wij merkten dat veel ervaren ondernemers het pitchen van zichzelf en hun bedrijf niet makkelijk af gaat. Met oefenen en oefenen wordt je pitch steeds beter, natuurlijker en WOW. Dat heeft impact. De filmpjes die we tijdens de workshop maken, worden je na afloop gestuurd, kun je aan je website hangen, of anderszins op social media gebruiken. Pak die kans/durf die kans te pakken…

Tijdstip: Middageditie 1e ronde seminars


Aug 2015

2nd newsletter in Nederlands and in English version ( for our partners and partners of other projects)

June 2015

You can follow us interactively and daily on our facebook page . LIKE US?!!

We are now contacting 20 Dutch women, willing to give their role model stories in video and textes.

Advantages: you will be seen in different countries, subtitled in English. 
Your stories/ your portraits in textes, will be translated in English, Spanisch, German, Greec, Tsjech, Slovenian, Italian and of course Dutch.

We search: women with their own enterprise, and succesfull managers in:



      3. POLITICS

      4. SERVICES






      10. EDUCATION

Don't hesitate to contact us the upcoming summer months, if you will take this chance!


May 2015

The website of 100Mirrors Extended is translated in Dutch, follow this link

Present at the event Guts and Glory during the week of the entrepreneur 21-23 April in Utrecht, we experienced the launch of the website Topvrouwen.nl. Here you will find the video where Minister of education Mrs. Jet Bussemaker and Mr. Hans de Boer chairman of VNO/NCW explain the necessity of a database of Top-women for management and board functions. 'We know them definitely!', so no excuses anymore for the only 11 % of women in board rooms!. Queen Maxima embraced this initiative.

We made the first pilot video's of role models. You can see them temporary on our own Doorpakkers video channel on You tube

March 2015

The last month we conducted a needs analysis. An orientation on positions, needs, history and trends of the enterpreneurial women in the Netherlands. 

What did we reached? How important are we? We are with 450.000 female entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. When you add the 132.000 female managers, than we are quite an interesting market group of more than half a million.

The orienation has two parts: 1. quantitative search and in the 2nd part we try to practically use the insights given from data seacrh to the current situation of female entrepreneurs to finding criteria and segments or role models, who can inspire:

  • other women with business or project plans and
  • students

Searching for the needs of entrepreneurial women and ROLE MODELS.

Meet us at the Events of Supervrouwen.

Tank you all for sending the surveys. We will publish the results at the end of June.

Read  the1st  newsletter in Dutch and in English

See the brochure of the project in Dutch and in English

In September 2014, Doorpakkers was accepted as a  partner in a transnational strategic partnership of Erasmus+, on the subject of stimulation of female entrepreneurship/ looking for ROL MODELS. With collegues from Spain, Greece, Tjech Republic, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and the Netherlands.

We met all our partners last December, at the well organised and lovely kick-off meeting in Zaragozza Spain


zaal links.jpg

rechts 5 people.jpg

 When coming back a lot of invitations and good news came to us in presenting our project. 

Wanting to be a roll model? Please send us your pitch or contact us.

Dorrit Wajer en Laura Linschoten


Pitch yourself and your plan/project or business, In one minute for camera



·        I am

·        My business/project is

·        You/ For (our targetgroup)

·        Who needs (problem)

·        Gets with us/me (solving of the problem)

·        By (usp offer, specific approach)

·        So you will have (result)




What can other women learn from you? Which tips do you like to give to other women?


You :

What do you need for further development of yourself and your project/business?


Take the chance to be one of the 20 Dutch roll-models in the 100 Mirror extended project (see newsletter ondernemende_vrouwen). Send us your pitch

 In Dutch: zend ons je pitch? Mailadres.